Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I expect to wait to receive my estimate?
Once our estimator has visited your project you can expect to see your custom estimate delivered by email within about a week or less. Due to high summer volumes this time can sometimes be longer but feel free to call the office to inquire about the status of your bid. 

How do I get my project scheduled?
Once you have accepted your bid by phone or email conversation with the office staff we can begin the scheduling process. Our lead times for projects vary by time of year with the months of May through September being peak season. Interior projects can normally be started within about 1-14 days from acceptance, though summer volumes may occasionally cause longer lead times. Exterior projects are generally scheduled on a first-come-first-serve basis so it is a good idea to get your bid written and accepted early for the 2017 outdoor painting season. Special accommodations can sometimes be made for emergencies so if you have special circumstance please let the office know and we will do our best to accommodate.

What finish or sheen should I use for my interior painting project?
Picking a finish for your interior paint is personal preference decision but we do have some common recommendations to guide you. Each paint manufacturer uses a different scale of finishes for their paints so from one brand to another you may run into manufacturers who use the same names for their finishes but they are actually different, most notably words like satin and eggshell can mean different things. For this example we will describe finishes using the  range of Flat-Lowsheen/Satin-Eggshell-SemiGloss, with Flat being the most matte and SemiGloss being the most shiny (not all  products are available in every finish). One of the most commonly used finish schemes for interior painting is to use Flat on the main walls & ceilings and use Semi Gloss for the "Wet Rooms" such as the kitchen, bath, and laundry rooms due to its ability to repel more moisture and clean up easier. Another common choice is to use Eggshell on all surfaces throughout the home, as this finish has a less shiny appearance then SemiGloss but provides a durable cleanable surface throughout the home. Millwork such as baseboards, casing, window sills, door jambs, and doors are most commonly painted in a SemiGloss finish. If you have more questions about finishes please feel free to call the office for additional guidance and recommendations for your personal needs.

What colors should I use for my interior painting project?
Color schemes can be a very personal decision if you are going to live in your painted space, but you may want to make less personal decisions if you are preparing your space for sale or rent. For properties that are going to be rentals we recommend painting in a neutral color throughout the entire space with either a eggshell or semigloss finish for maximum durability, and to keep your repainting costs lower each time you need to repaint. For properties going on the market for sale neutral colors are also a great way to make a space inviting to the largest number of people thereby maximizing your potential buyers. Off-white and grey shades are particularly popular choices for both of these types of spaces. Our signature shade Interland Linen (or I-Linen) is a great choice if you are stuck and need a standard neutral color that has a proven track record of working well in any space. A great way to get started choosing your color is by visiting Sherwin-Williams color selection site here, but due to the fact that all computer screens display color differently don't make up your mind just yet. Visit your local store and obtain paint swatches of the colors you like best to make sure they still look great once you view them in the lighting of your space. And of course feel free to call the office with any questions you may have. 

Why does it matter if my property was build before 1978?
Due to EPA regulations when performing work in or on homes built prior to 1978 we must follow laws regarding the testing for and proper treatment of Lead. Please visit the EPA website here to get more information about lead. Interland Design is a EPA certified Lead-Safe Firm. If your project involves lead paint do not panic! Rest assured that you are in good hands as we have years of experience successfully painting homes that have lead paint. 



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